1) Chiba Clothing guarantees and warrants that the delivered products comply with the agreement (conformity) and that the products possess characteristics that, all circumstances considered, are necessary for normal use. The following is not considered as normal use of Chiba Clothing products and therefore the following is not covered by our warranty:

- Using our products in extreme weather conditions or during sports.
- Using any chemicals or sharp object on our products.
- Modification or repairment of the product by you or any other third party.
- Neglecting or not properly storing our products.
- Poor maintenance and not following our wash & care instructions.
- Damages due to compression, a fall, abnormal impact or actions or wear against abrasive surfaces. - Damages caused by UV (Sunlight or other natural phenomena), fire, bleach.
- Natural breakdown of colors, finishes and materials over time.
- Our face masks are not of any type medical grade.

2) Chiba Clothing will replace Products that cannot be used properly as a result of a manufacturing defect, provided that the product is still available. If a product is not available and you don’t accept a similar product, Chiba Clothing will in such cases reimburse the price of the specific product(s). Buyer must return the damaged Products to Chiba Clothing in accordance with the return policy together with the original receipt.

3) However, Chiba Clothing is not liable for defects or resulting damage that have occurred after the delivery of the products as a result of incompetent use or lack of care, or that are the result of changes or repairs that you or a third parties have made to the delivered products. Chiba Clothing’ warranty does not cover damages of a product if the damages are resulting from the actions or negligence of consumers.




1) Complaints concerning defects in purchased products and/or other complaints about flaws in the execution of the agreement shall, as soon as possible and no later than one months after discovery thereof, be submitted to Chiba Clothing.
2) Consumer complaints should preferably be made in writing to Chiba Clothing.
3) Consumer can not hold any rights on the product pictures. We strive to describe the products as accurately as possible. However, we cannot guarantee that all details are completely error-free. Please contact our customer service for more information about products. The Images on the website are for illustrative purposes only and although we try to display the colours as accurately as possible, we cannot select your device to display the true color of the products. There for the client can hold no right on the product pictures.